What Is Microlearning Video & How Effective Is It?

What Does the Modern Learner Look Like Today?

Attention spans have dropped, and technology has evolved. Increasingly, there is a growing need to innovate and develop more effective ways to train, especially when it comes to complex life sciences content.

Attention Spans Are Getting Shorter

Data reveal that attention spans have declined individually and societally across all generational cohorts. At the turn of the century, attention spans, as assessed through uninterrupted web surfing, were 12 seconds long; in 2013 this figure fell to just 8 seconds and has dwindled to even less, today. In view of these findings, it may come as no surprise that consumption of short videos online has been on the rise. Within life sciences, in specific, Sales Representatives report that they often turn to YouTube and Instagram as an avenue for learning because their time is limited and these are formats to which they are accustomed.

Traditional Training Isn’t Working Anymore

US businesses each year spend $160 billion on employee training, yet the training being produced can often be time consuming and ineffective. Traditional training methods that involve slide-based eLearning, PDF print manuals, and in-person/virtual didactic presentations frequently take up a substantial amount of the learner’s time. Moreover, the average length of time spent on training now exceeds 30 hours per worker, a 20% increase from a decade ago. Traditional training has not been shown to be effective either, as 80% of content is forgotten after 30 days and only 15% of participants have demonstrated being able to successfully apply what they learned.

What Is Microlearning Video and Why Is It Better for Learners?

Microlearning is an approach to learning new information in short sessions, typically lasting under 10 minutes and ideally broken down into sections that are no longer than 2 minutes. When carried out using videos, complex concepts in life sciences become easier to digest and remember since learners know that the training sessions will only be a few minutes and presented in a visually-engaging manner.

Retention is also improved when learners are recall information repeatedly. Highly convenient and accessible, this type of training can be integrated into busy schedules and viewed on-demand with any device.

Important Microlearning Considerations

It is important to craft the training around a story, particularly when it comes to teaching on disease state, treatment/management, and life sciences product information.

Stories are spectacular at grabbing one’s attention to accomplish instant learning and retention, and they can be enhanced by the addition of visuals, animations, and analogies. Considering our memories are based on associations, context is critical.

Microlearning Videos Work

Acquiring information via short but engaging modes, specifically in a video format, is more effective than the traditional, longer forms of learning. It is key in the life sciences industry to invest in curricula that cater to the modern learner’s needs and interests, and utilize the technology now available to trainers.

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