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AdMed is an integrated agency that designs and delivers modern training tools for pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and medical products, with one goal: to ensure that healthcare professionals, sales teams, employees and consumers understand what they need to know regarding the science behind their products.

This is tomorrow’s teaching like you’ve imagined it – with proven results. Our interactive and immersive approach features Flipped Classroom modern learning, enhanced visual micro lectures, and other forward-leaning learning techniques.

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Get to know Chris Francy, PhD, Medical Director

Visual Immersion.

Complex science is our clients’ challenge – it can be tough to effectively impart to internal and external teams. It’s why we use visual immersion to flip the classroom, turning learners into participants who understand and embrace new, nuanced information, in person or remotely, in order to awaken retention and returns.

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Sales Training

AdMed is focused on improving learner comprehension of complex scientific concepts through engaging visual learning. Our Flipped Classroom approach to training utilizes a variety of in-home and classroom-based teaching tools, including video lectures, workbooks and virtual classrooms.

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Video Lectures

Custom video lectures feature prompts and engagement techniques that bring dense, detailed topics to life.

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Completed during video lectures, our supplementary workbooks let learners review and apply key concepts while knowledge is fresh.
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Virtual Reality (VR)

Our custom virtual reality experiences can simulate everything from medically accurate organs and disease states, to first-person sales training. We combine dynamic visuals with interactivity to create experiences designed to increase learning retention.
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Augmented Reality (AR)

Place 3D objects into your real-world environment using your tablet or other mobile device. Our augmented reality experiences allow the user to examine organs, devices, or other objects in detail. Spin, scale, and take them apart to see them from a point of view otherwise unseen.
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Effective Marketing

Working closely with marketing and medical client teams, AdMed conducts market research to obtain the feedback on impact of data presentation. We develop robust disease state and clinical data content, creating clinically-sound content presentations focused on product messaging.

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Engaging Microvideos

Our modern format features engaging motion graphics to produce a 10-minute video, with the speaker actively participating with the content.

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Clinical Content

We develop robust disease state and clinical data content through multiple concept meetings.

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Presenting Product

Working closely with creative and production teams, our content presentations are focused on product messaging while remaining clinical.
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Engaging Consumers

AdMed’s micro videos help to teach complex scientific concepts in a simple and engaging lecture style. With our highly qualified team of PhD medical content experts, our micro videos are an effective tool in the advertising of a product, as well as the training in the science behind a product.
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Content Experts

Our Team of PhDs teach the chemistry and science behind the product in a modern, appealing format.
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Virtual Settings

We create virtual lab and lecture settings that engage, inform and entice our viewers.
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Advertising Science

Our micro videos are an effective strategy in the advertising of a product, as well as the training in the science behind a product.
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Professional Learning That Lasts.

The Amazing Story of Science.

Science is fascinating. So why has product and science training developed a reputation for being dull? The reason can be chalked up to delivery. AdMed harnesses the power of storytelling and the use of platforms that people lean on every day. With over 200 Flipped Classroom Projects, we have worked in over 110 products and over 18 disease states.
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Flipped Classroom Projects

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Streamlining Science,
Innovating Education.

Clear, innovative, educational: Shedding new light on science training. We communicate complex medical content via interactive formats because it works. Learners across therapeutic areas walk away from our carefully-crafted media more informed, more engaged, and more likely to fuel company growth.

Always Good News

To learn more about the Flipped Classroom approach to training and to see a demo, please contact us at info@admedinc.com or enter your email address below.

We're in Good Company.

As active members of WBENC, SAM and LTEN, AdMed is prepared to deliver, and continues to be recognized for our innovative work.

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AdMed is a woman-owned business with more than 30 years of experience delivering world-class training solutions to the life sciences industry.
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AdMed is a proud vendor of the System for Award Management (SAM).
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LTEN Excellence Awards in Innovation

AdMed is honored to receive the LTEN Excellence Award in Innovation at the 2017 LTEN Conference.

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LTEN Excellence Awards in Learning Content

AdMed is honored to receive the LTEN Excellence Award in Learning Content at the 2019 LTEN conference. 

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