We design and deliver customized training materials for pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and medical device companies in the US and globally.

A company staffed by innovators, AdMed creates products for the pharma and biotech industries using state-of-the-art technology and research to develop engaging and stimulating deliverables.

AdMed is a recognized leader in the field of medical education, training, and marketing that has been creating highly specialized materials for over 28 years.

At the intersection of science and imagination, AdMed occupies a place where medical education and sales force training become a truly dynamic experience.

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  • Lungs
    Spirometry Use

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What People Are Saying About AdMed
  • Great results, expert, high integrity

  • I am absolutely learning things in ways I haven't learned them before! The way you and your team have structured and executed the training truly facilitates adult learning! I feel much sharper clinically already!!! Thank you!!!

  • Thanks, it’s not every day that a project is approved with no comments!

  • Your responsiveness and collaboration have been tremendous, and we couldn’t have accomplished this without your partnership. Thanks for the great work.

  • The entire team shared what great work we had all come together to accomplish. And that it was “best in class” and should be admired.

  • Definitely learning new things, which is awesome. It's a complex and dynamic environment which is very cool and motivating.

  • The training experience has been great so far and I really appreciate the interactive nature (it's fun and helpful).

  • Very impressed with the different learning opportunities that you provide for us to retain the information.

  • The combination of video, books and virtual classrooms has really helped keep this from being two miserable weeks of grinding through information and your approach has encouraged everyone to be more engaged.

  • Training is going great and I have received great feedback from my new team regarding the materials and calls

  • You guys have done such a great job with the materials, the process and the overall learning. The quality is amazing.

  • We are getting some real-world feedback on Flipped, and it has been overwhelmingly positive. This entire system has gone viral among our leadership teams