AdMed Wins the LTEN Excellence Award!

What a week in Nashville for the AdMed team!

After months of anticipation, the LTEN Annual Conference has come and gone. The meeting was outstanding, complete with dynamic keynote speakers, thoughtful workshops, and record attendance. Now our robust community will have twelve months to anticipate coming together again in Phoenix next year to celebrate even more achievements and advancements in life sciences training.

For the AdMed team, it was an absolutely outstanding show. Heading to Nashville, we were honored just to be an Innovation finalist for the LTEN Excellence Award. To walk away as the winner and be recognized for our innovative contributions was a moment we’ll never forget. For 31 years, we have been partnering with the industry’s leading biotech, pharmaceutical, and med device companies. Their insight has been a key driver in the evolution of AdMed’s products and services. Really, this award is about our relationships, and we appreciate the trust our customers have shown in us to innovate for them.

In addition to receiving the award, there were so many other highlights!

Workshop: Joined by Luciana Cotten of Bayer, the AdMed team led a “Choose Your Own Adventure” workshop that allowed participants to build their own video storyboard. Split into six groups, attendees – from Pfizer, Celgene, B. Braun, Otsuka, Baxter, and more – had a chance to learn from our experts and each other while crafting new skills. If you missed the workshop and would like us to share the key takeaways, please reach out to schedule a conversation.

Learning Lab: AdMed has cultivated expertise in gamified learning – a perfect application-based exercise to combine with our Flipped Classroom. Bill and Chris Francy shared some thoughts on effective game design, with an emphasis on how having fun impacts gameplay. The games continued at our booth, where many attendees played our new trivia-based game and took home a deck of AdMed branded game cards.

If we didn’t connect at the Gaylord, it’s not too late! We’d love to schedule some time with you and share more on any of the topics mentioned above. It’s those very conversations that have helped us innovate in the past, and will help us to continue in the future. So we always look forward to discussing how AdMed can help you move training forward. Please reach out at your convenience.





Joan Francy

Founder/CEO, AdMed Inc.